Monday, February 5, 2007

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart (final fantasy VII) is a 20 years old bar owner (Seventh Heaven). Tifa is a young girl that grew up With Cloud Strife (main character in final fantasy VII) in a town called Nibelheim. While growing up in Nibelheim Tifa took martial art classes from the martial art trainer in Nibelheim. While practicing martial art Tifa soon became the best fighter in town.

I think that Tifa Lockhart is a young and attractive woman that every one likes.
I find many things that I like about Tifa but the things that I like most about her is her personality (just as I say about every character in final fantasy VII) her style and her fighting.
The reason that I like her personality so much is because she helps everybody with their problems and she always cheer people up when their down. The reason that I like here style is because she dresses up so she looks rough and still looks feminine. And the reason that I like her fighting is because she doesn’t have a fighting style like all the other people in Final fantasy that fights with guns or swords, she fights with a type of leather gloves and I think that is awesome.

You can meat Tifa Lockhart in final fantasy last order, final fantasy VII, and final fantasy advent children. I think that you should watch these movies and play the game. If you do these things I think that you will meet Tifa and many other characters that are awesome.

I think that Tifa Lockhart is one of the coolest and prettiest characters in final fantasy VII, and I think that Tifa is a person that you will remember best if you play the games and watches the movies.


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith Gainsborough (final fantasy VII) is a young girl from the slums that she sells flowers to passers by. Aerith is an innocent girl that always gets in trouble with the Turks (a bad group in Final fantasy VII) because se is an ancient. The first time you meat Aerith is when she is in the church (where she grows here flowers) and Cloud fall thru the roof of the church. I find this as a great way to introduce Aerith because it’s a funny scene and it’s kind of sweet.

Aerith is a person that I like very mush and that I hate in the same time. The things that I like about Aerith are that she is a beautiful person that has the purest heart (she is nice to every body even the people that are mean to here (the Turks) and the nicest personality. Aerith is a person that it’s hard to not like because of here personality and the way she is. The only thing that I hate about Aerith is that she dies. This is a person that doesn’t deserve to die because she doesn’t do anything wrong in the game and she is the kindest person you get to know.

I think that Aerith is a little tricky girl to because she ask Cloud when they first meat if he can be here bodyguard and as repayment he gets a date with here. So I think she is a little tricky because she gets people to do stuff because how she looks. But still you can’t hate here.

If it’s anything that I can say about Aerith it’s that this is the most beautiful and kindest person that you can meat and it’s a shame that she dies. (The game had bean better if she had lived).

You can meat Aerith in the game Final fantasy VII and in the movie Final fantasy Advent Children. In advent children Aerith only have a little scene but that scene turn out to be quite big (it means mush in the movies plot).



I have registered at a site called technorati which is a community of blogs it seems. From what I see it seems that Technorati is a site that tells people how well blogs are known. One thing that are very annoying with Technorati is that other people can steal you’re blogg. Even though that the site is very secure it’s possible for people to steal you’re blogg and change you’re password so you can’t get in to the site anymore. Technorati is a site that can get you’re blogg well known.

I think that Deviant art is a better place to get known because it got a kind of blogg tool that makes it much easier to browse stuff there.

There is many things that annoys me about Technorati but the thing that bugs me most is that only the most popular blogs are featured on the front page (just as mangataidan says). Why should blogs that are popular be on the front page when it’s blogs that should be known and should get more visitors in hard to find.

I mean that Technorati is a site that’s ok if you want you’re blogg better known. I advise you not to use this site because it‘s better sites out there. If it’s anything I mean Technorati should do it’s to make sure that blogs that need to get more known should be on the front page and that they should make it more easier to find other blogs.

Blogs i think you should read


Thursday, February 1, 2007


Tidus (final fantasy X) is son of Jecth and captain of Zanarkand Abes (a blitzball team 1000 years ago). Tidus is a blitzball player that got send a 1000 years in to the past (because he touched sin). Tidus meats Yuna (daughter of high summoner Braska) and the people of beside island after he got send in to the future.

Tidus is a character that I admire in many ways but the biggest on is that he don’t care so much to get home (Zanarkand 1000 years back) because he wants to help the peoples of Spira with their problems by fighting along Yuna (daughter of high summoner Braska) and some odder people (Wakka, Lulu, Kimari, Rikku, and Auron) side by trying to defeat Sin (a monster created by the bad things people do).

I feel a little sad for Tidus Because on his way to Zanarkand Tidus and Yuna starts to fell in love, but Tidus know deep in side that he can’t be with her because in the end he will…(I’m not going to tell, if you want to know you have to play the game, or check it out on the internet). Tidus is an person with a Big heart and that is an another reason to be like him, and when I say big heart I mean big because he drops his problems to help others and risk his life to save people he don’t know, and that I think is something to admire

If it’s anything I can say about Tidus it’s that he is a person you going to admire and love when you see him, and that he can be a ideal person for many people


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Barret Wallace

Barret Wallace (final fantasy VII) is the leader of an organization called AVALANCHE (a group of people trying to destroy Shinra Inc).
Barret is a very short tempered guy that only witches to destroy Shinra Inc. Barret Wallace is born in a town called North Correl, and that’s were he grew up. The reason that Barret is after Shinra and Shinra Inc is because Shinra Inc destroyed north Correl and killed Barret’s wife and best friend. Barret, Dyne, and Marlene (dynes daughter) were the only people who manage to get away from the town alive.

On their way escaping from the Shinra Barret has to save his friend (because he fell), so Barret take a grip in dynes hand and tried to pull him up from the ground but Shinra starts shooting at them and hits Barret an Dyne in the arm so Dyne fell of a clip. The thing Barret did than were run to Midgar and started the AVALANCHE. When the Shinra shoot Barret in the arm, his arm got messed up (destroyed) so when he got to Midgar he got a gun arm. The things that I like about Barret Wallace is that he is a person that doesn’t stop for nothing when he is after the Shinra (normal I don’t like that but in this game I like it because it makes him like a strong leader) and the got a attitude that makes him like a strong leader and makes him special in this game (something I mean).

Something that I rally like about Barret is that he got a side of him that he doesn’t share with the odder persons before later in game (final fantasy VII). That side of Barret that you don’t see before later in the game is that he always walks around thinking that it was him that killed Dyne. So later in the game when Barret returns to his home town he meat odder peoples from his town (people that survived) and all of them give Barret the blame that the town got destroyed. A little further in to the game Barret goes to a place cold Gold source, and out in the desert there Barret meats his friend Dyne (that Barret thought that were dead). But the issues were that Dyne weren’t glad to see Barret because he meant that Barret should have killed him instead of that he got the same operation as Barret (gun arm) so Barret end’s up fighting Dyne and wins over him end get some sense into Dynes head. But Dyne doest care about the world anymore so he commits suicide (jumps out of a clip).
You get to meat Barret in final fantasy advent children to but he don’t have the same attitude there, he just seam cocky (something I mean)

My advice is that if you ever play final fantasy VII than you really should look closer to Barret’s story (it’s quite good)


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cloud Strife

One of my favorite persons in the final fantasy series is Cloud Strife. Could Strife is a 21 years old Ex-SOLDIER from Nibelheim. You can meat Cloud in different stuff, you have cloud action figure, cloud in final fantasy VII, final fantasy advent children, final fantasy before crises, final fantasy dirge of Cerberus and final fantasy last order. If you want to know clouds story I think you should first se final fantasy last order, than you should play final fantasy before crises, final fantasy VII and than see final fantasy advent children. You can meat cloud in final fantasy dirge of Cerberus to but than you don’t get clouds history but Vincent Valentines history (another character in final fantasy VII). The reason that I think you should see and play the games/videos in that order is because than you get to see Clouds history in the right orders. The thing that I find fascinating about Cloud Strife is everything. I can see a little of me in him. He is a person that have a nice/special personality (he helps everyone that needs help) that I like and that’s were I can see a little of me in him. I think that Cloud had a funny/hard situation in final fantasy VII and that were to decide if he wanted to be with Aerith or Tifa (odder persons in final fantasy VII) because both of them seemed to like him. I feel a little sad for him to because Cloud seemed to like Aerith and when they started to get close Aerith gets killed by an evil man (Sephirot) and when that happens Cloud gets all sad an don’t care about anything else than to kill Sephirot. In final fantasy advent children you get to see Cloud in a way that you don’t see him in the games. Since he have gotten geostigma (an illness) he gets all sad and starts to think that he can’t help anyone more so he starts cutting every on of and just sits and wait to die. I think that that scene in advent children fitted in perfect because… well I won’t say it so you have to se the movie.

If it’s anything that I can say about Cloud Strife it is that he is an awesome person


Monday, January 29, 2007

Kingdom hearts 2

I have just finished one of the best games that I ever have played and that are kingdom hearts 2. It’s a few weeks since I bought the game but I think I used an o.k. time to finished it. The things that I find fascinating about this game most be everything about it. The graphic in this game is awesome and the game contains many missions so it’s not a short game and it’s not a big game that you get bored of either. The game contains many characters and the characters got a solid background. My favorite character in this game is Roxas and Sora. The reason that I choose both of them is because they are so like almost as they are the same person (play the game and you will understand). I thought that it was really sad when a few of the persons in the game died. When Demyx died it was a little sad because he looked like a guy that didn’t want to fight anyone and the last thing that happened to him were that he said that he wish that the organization (an organization that is after kingdom hearts) had send some one else. Demyx looses the fight and dies and I find that kind of sad, but the saddest thing in the game is when Axel dies. The reason that I find this as the saddest thing in the game is because Axel in a nobody (something that don’t have a heart/ don’t have any feelings) and all he wishes for is to get back his only thru friend (Roxas) on his way to find Roxas he meats many complications. The last thing that happens is that Axel turns his back on the organization and helps Sora fighting some heartless so he can get to the leader of the organization. At the end of this battle Axel uses an attack that kills all of the heartless, but the final attack that Axel used did that he used up all of his powers so he dies. But before Axel dies he tells Sora why he helped Sora to get to the leader of the organization and the reason why were because Sora reminded him of Roxas and all Axel ever wanted were to se Roxas again. When Axel told Sora why he helped him and died I got really sad.

So what I want to say is that this is a game that everyone should play because this is a game that fits anyone.